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What can I say.. the most anticipated movie for the casting and the money that went into it seems to have a bit of everything.. I am amazed by how Mahizhmathi has a bit of every landscape.. Some scenes are just overboard and makes you wonder where the logic is (Maybe we should look out of the window). Cinematography and the much anticipated battle gives you the high..

For me just the battle scene would do.. I would happily skip the first half.. If someone can give me a good reason for Prabhas doing the lead role.. I am all ears.. Do enlighten me.. As for Tamannah.. seriously why would someone carry such a stony expression all the time? If she did that to convince us as a warrior then why on Earth did she forget that rebels would not have time for manicure?

The strip-tease that happens is another joke altogether. Even if I grudgingly accept the concept, I seriously veto the up close shots of two stony faces. Doesn’t theatrics require expressions any more?

Ramya Krishnan steals the thunder amongst the artists. She exudes so much of confidence in the role. Sathyaraj and Nasser have done their roles in the best way possible. Anushka doesn’t have much to do and all that we can hope is to see her more in the sequel.

Rana and Prabhas have done immense justice to the fight scenes and come across as fighters convincingly. The battle sequence will just keep you hooked. The wonderful sets, witty plots and immense landscape will definitely make you feel great about this Indian movie.

Kudos to SS Rajamouli for thinking such a wonderful battle strategy (All earlier flaws can be overlooked for the 30 minutes). The director has indeed thought out the entire plot well and has executed it in an impeccable manner. The last shot ends with a suspense and leaves you hanging for more. Smart move, director!

Senthil Kumar’s cinematography is brilliant and just makes you fall in love with his work. Keeravani’s BGM is supportive but the Tamil songs definitely did not make an impact.

I just hope SS Rajamouli spins the sequel well enough with some interesting plot involving the main cast.


Uttama Villain


Uttama Villain definitely shows Kamal’s acting prowess but the story could have created a much better impact if Crazy Mohan was actively involved. Uttama Villain is about an actor’s life that portrays the good and bad in him. The movie is supposed to be light unlike some of Kamal’s movies in recent times and I personally feel he could have done wonders if the story was much more gripping with witty one-liners.

Manoranjan is a superstar who has his own misgivings and is nearing his end because of a malignant brain tumor. The actor wishes to do his last film with his Guru and ironically the movie is about the immortal Uttaman. Therefore, a movie happens in a movie. The Uttaman story is based on the folklore and doesn’t have the punch to it.

Kamal is the best in business and needs no one to vouch for it. His love for the art is proved with his precise moves, his rendition and the lyrics. Nasser, Urvashi, Andrea have done justice to their roles while Pooja Kumar could have avoided screeching. In some sequences Nasser and Kamal brings a nice touch of humor. Its nice to see KB just like the mentor he was i real life. The BGM by Ghibran is good but songs doesn’t stick to you much.

For a man like Kamal, we wish to see a wonderful screenplay and that is what lacked here.

O Kadhal Kanmani..

Mani spl

O Kadhal Kanmani.. maybe I expected too much out of you..! My bad.. I read too much about the movie before I could watch it..so I ain’t giving any more spoilers and I am not discussing the story as well… One thing I would definitely say, ‘I am happy that the Mani Ratnam whom we knew in the late nineties is still there’.. After the likes of ‘Kadal’ and ‘Raavanan’, some really started to wonder whether we lost the man who had such charm in creating beauty out of nothing. Trust me OK Kanmani is a reprieve but it will not be the top of my list in Mani Ratnam’s must watch.

Maybe I still dig ‘Bombay’ for it’s wonderful portrayal of emotions.. ‘Alaipayuthey’ for it’s simple story and ‘Aaytha Ezhuthu’ for the connect you feel with the characters.. All in all, truth be told, I am still someone who liked the innocent romance of ‘Alaipayuthey’  than the knowing kind of ‘O Kadhal Kanmani’..

The movie is breezy and I definitely have no qualms about it. I just wonder how Mani Ratnam always has the right people for the right characters. Imagine doing it for decades.. Awesome is all I have to say.. He just makes you feel at home by not going overboard with the choice of cast. This movie might remind one of ‘Alaipayuthey’, ‘Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal’ but I don’t see anything wrong in this as the essence of the movie is what matters.

PC Sriram.. what can I say about the man who is just down right wonderful with his camera… You will just love the frames and you will totally be able to understand why PC is best at what he does… He makes the screen come alive.. It is so easy for you to transport yourself to the world he creates.. Pure bliss..

The magic of ARR along with PC’s camera under Mani’s guidance is something one should not miss at any cost. The actors have not overdone their roles and its a definite plus. The one-liners that is in sync with the current trend will bring a smile on your face.

kanchana_jpg_2377532fKanchana 2 could have been much better if not for so many ghosts.. Raghava Lawrence has tried the same goodness over evil formula but somehow it does not adhere much to the audience liking like Kanchana.

Raghava works for a TV channel along with Taapsee and they try to shoot a story based on ghosts. Raghava who is basically afraid of spirits accept the project for the sake of his love for Taapsee. They encounter a mishap during the shoot and Taapsee starts having visions. Later, Raghava and Taapsee are possessed by 7 spirits who wants to take revenge on their killers. As usual Raghava channels the spirits and kills the wrong-doers.

Sriman and Kovai Sarala cause a laugh riot with their body language and dialogues. Raghava Lawrence tries to portray his acting by doing too many roles. His dancing is impeccable as always and Tamannah has definitely kept up to it. The movie could have been much better if the story was brief.

Songs are not that catchy like in Kanchana. Graphics are much better in the current movie when compared to the previous versions. Second half could have been edited some more.

Furious 7

fast-and-furious-7Furious 7 has all the elements to give you the adrenaline rush. What else can you expect with the likes of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham? Tony Jaa makes his Hollywood debut as well. The movie also marks the last of Paul Walker and the team pays a nice tribute to him.

The movie is about Owen Shaw trying to take revenge on the team for crippling his brother. While trying to defend themselves, the team also tries to rescue a hacker and her creation ‘God’s Eye’ from a terrorist. How the team manages to do it in their own street smart style is the movie.

The movie is done in such a way that you will feel entertained all along. The glitz of Dubai and the thrilling chase sequences are a must watch. You will definitely be moved at the end when the team says goodbye to Paul.

Nannbenda – My Take


The movie is about Udhayanidhi falling for Nayantara.. Want to know more…? Even I wish the same.. I just wonder why director Jagadish did not have a storyline..If we wanted to watch just some comedy.. we can very well watch ‘Just for Gags’. One thought that lingered after watching the movie is – Why this baseless attempt?

I am pretty sure that people have come to accept various genre in Kollywood and definitely they would appreciate a decent story. Just because Jagadish was associated with Rajesh, he might have tried to emulate the style but what is the point of having a style without a story. The movie has no need for villains and yet they have force-fitted few.

Udhayanidhi who comes to meet his friend Santhanam falls for Nayantara. He tries to impress her by doing silly stuff. Meanwhile even Santhanam is in love with Sherin. Nayantara tries to tell the truth about her past and Udhay makes fun of it. So Nayantara becomes upset and moves away from him. Whether they unite or not is the rest of the story.

Udhay has improved his dancing skills and it is in display even in a fight scene. Udhay does salsa moves instead of stunts.. Amazing I say.. Nayantara looks pretty pleasing to the eye and has not much scope. It is high time that Santhanam handles his humor well.. Too much of puns are not required..

Music is more of an annoyance and none of the songs are that great.. If you want to enjoy the comedy, I am not sure whether you will sustain the song sequences along with it..

I wish Udhay believed more in a story than the presence of a pretty damsel alone… You might enjoy the comedy if you are with your friends (perhaps booze might help as well 😛 )



Shamitabh.. A story about how ego can play a nasty game in one’s life. Portrayed beautifully by Big B and Dhanush.

Daanish a mute boy always dreams to become an actor. Once he grows up, he travels to Mumbai from Igatpuri just to fulfill his dream. Initially, he doesn’t get a chance to prove his talents but later luck comes in the form of Akshara who plays the role of an AD. She tries to help him gain voice with the help of an advanced technology and becomes a buddy as well.

Once the surgery is over, they start searching for the suitable voice. They find a drunk Amitabh Bachchan on the footpath and Daanish insists on having his voice. They explain to Amitabh about the situation and he warms to the pair. Amitabh was rejected from Bollywood because of his voice and now he feels its time for payback.

Daanish changes his name to Shamitabh and hit movies become a hit. The duo is quite happy about their success and slowly ego creeps in. They have an argument about which is best.. the acting or the voice. So they both split up and do movies alone. As expected, the movies become a flop in box office.

Akshara speaks to them and convinces them to work together again. They plan to reveal their identity to media but unluckily they meet with an accident on the way. Daanish dies and Amitabh loses his voice.

Amitabh is amazing… Be it the moves.. the voice.. the singing.. the attitude.. You just know that you are watching a master perform what he does best.. Dhanush has definitely done well and proved his mettle to share screen space with Big B. Akshara comes across as a cool college kid rather than a heroine.

Cinematography by P.C. Sreeram is known to be classy and stays that way in this movie as well. Maestro Ilaiyaraja’s music is soulful and can speak volumes in certain portions of the BGM. Balki could have cut short some scenes but definitely the movie is worth a watch.

Initially my mind couldn’t take Amitabh’s voice for Dhanush.. It felt so wrong indeed. The baritone was funny to imagine on a man who is so different on the feature front. I still dig for a happy ending.. While so many bad movies can have good ending why not this one?