The movie is about Udhayanidhi falling for Nayantara.. Want to know more…? Even I wish the same.. I just wonder why director Jagadish did not have a storyline..If we wanted to watch just some comedy.. we can very well watch ‘Just for Gags’. One thought that lingered after watching the movie is – Why this baseless attempt?

I am pretty sure that people have come to accept various genre in Kollywood and definitely they would appreciate a decent story. Just because Jagadish was associated with Rajesh, he might have tried to emulate the style but what is the point of having a style without a story. The movie has no need for villains and yet they have force-fitted few.

Udhayanidhi who comes to meet his friend Santhanam falls for Nayantara. He tries to impress her by doing silly stuff. Meanwhile even Santhanam is in love with Sherin. Nayantara tries to tell the truth about her past and Udhay makes fun of it. So Nayantara becomes upset and moves away from him. Whether they unite or not is the rest of the story.

Udhay has improved his dancing skills and it is in display even in a fight scene. Udhay does salsa moves instead of stunts.. Amazing I say.. Nayantara looks pretty pleasing to the eye and has not much scope. It is high time that Santhanam handles his humor well.. Too much of puns are not required..

Music is more of an annoyance and none of the songs are that great.. If you want to enjoy the comedy, I am not sure whether you will sustain the song sequences along with it..

I wish Udhay believed more in a story than the presence of a pretty damsel alone… You might enjoy the comedy if you are with your friends (perhaps booze might help as well 😛 )