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Euro 2016

The itch to travel can never be cured.. I might not be a nomad but I definitely need my timely breaks and my love for Europe just keeps growing every year. Therefore, it was no surprise when I decided to hit France, Switzerland and Italy for a much-needed holiday and what best time to do it than in the festive season. Also for a change, this time was all about fun and I was totally game.


Lucky me.. I was ensconced in a home away from home. I had my ever-loving Sr. S to pamper the hell outta me and Sr. M was so much fun to hang out with. Sr. L tried to keep the Indian in me happy and Sr. F was adorable on her own (It’s much easier to refer to code words than calling out Sisters randomly). Those days with them meant so much to me and I am grateful for that.



A visit to Versailles was a mandate and trust me you would need a whole day to do justice to it. If its in your cards, just be ready for a lot of walking.. You can always eat yummy Parisian food out there so it was a win-win for me..



Next on the cards was the beautiful Montmartre. I sat through a wonderful service and had a splendid view of the city later. The quaintness will definitely hit you here. Then it was a whirlwind with the regulars like Notre Dame, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysees. The happy spot was the Christmas market… the colors and games with delectable French food.. Ooh la la…



The city’s charm rubs on me pretty quickly and I felt dejected to leave it. Also I realized that there is more to see and explore. So until next time..


The second leg was my favorite destination and the first thing I hit in Swiss was Gruyeres.. For the love of cheese.. 😛



Then the next stop was Wilderswil in Jungfrau region and I was in love instantly. The view I had from my room was amazing and it just raised my expectations for my trip to Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe). It was a long time pending one on my list and I happily ticked it off.



The next one that I was excitedly waiting for was a stay in an igloo atop the Alps near Zermatt.. I would happily suggest it to everyone. I had so much fun and the exhilarating feeling is so surreal.. To watch the snow-clad mountain peaks in such proximity and feel in one with the wilderness cannot be explained.. Cheese fondue.. Snowshoe walk at night.. Stargazing.. Open Jacuzzi.. Skiing.. I was living a dream.. A wonderful dream indeed.. 😀




After a lot of contemplation skipped Milan and hit Venice. It was pretty cold and foggy but serene on its own way. Just a lot of walking around and munching on. Yummy Ravioli and Gelato made my day..



Suddenly I am at the end of my trip with just a day to spare in Rome.. I had a lot of walking and quick planning to do.. Pretty much covered everything I wanted to see along with a visit to Vatican.. Not bad at all.. I hope the coin I threw in Trevi will bring me back to the eternal city once again..



It was very different to travel on my own without fixed plans or schedules. It gave me better perspectives and made me feel liberated as well. There was so much to watch and so much to learn.. It was a happy sign-off to 2016!


Arghh.. To argue or not to..

A lot of questions can plague our minds after a bad argument.. Why didn’t we give the answer they expected? Why did we blurt the truth? Why were we being callous by dishing out the real thought? Why didn’t we take the easy out? Why didn’t we choose silence as our weapon of choice? Or rather why did we have to be contradictory?.. The list of questions might go on and on.. just making us squirm out of discomfort for causing a heart burn with a nasty argument.. Yet the irony is, it doesn’t stop us from facing the same situation in future again..

Sometimes its always easy to do something.. There need not be any qualms or arguments.. But at times,  whether be it with your close ones or pals, it becomes so difficult on you to portray something that you are not.. its more like the basic instinct fighting within you to be what you are..  Being all sweet & nice at all times.. may get you a good name & resolve any dispute for then, but at the end it gets you all riled up later!! .. Its like a coin.. everything has two sides to it.. The yin & yang for example… Its just that we need a balance in the equation..

Once the argument is done with, our mind plays the scene again & again with just the conclusions being different.. Though we know its not going to mend anything that was spoken earlier, we still go through such a motion.. It would be much better if the person on the other end understood that we did not mean to hurt them but we did not know the right way to put our thoughts across!! Its just that even we end up feeling bad in causing agony to the one in argument with.. Alas.. life ain’t that easy right??!!