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Uttama Villain


Uttama Villain definitely shows Kamal’s acting prowess but the story could have created a much better impact if Crazy Mohan was actively involved. Uttama Villain is about an actor’s life that portrays the good and bad in him. The movie is supposed to be light unlike some of Kamal’s movies in recent times and I personally feel he could have done wonders if the story was much more gripping with witty one-liners.

Manoranjan is a superstar who has his own misgivings and is nearing his end because of a malignant brain tumor. The actor wishes to do his last film with his Guru and ironically the movie is about the immortal Uttaman. Therefore, a movie happens in a movie. The Uttaman story is based on the folklore and doesn’t have the punch to it.

Kamal is the best in business and needs no one to vouch for it. His love for the art is proved with his precise moves, his rendition and the lyrics. Nasser, Urvashi, Andrea have done justice to their roles while Pooja Kumar could have avoided screeching. In some sequences Nasser and Kamal brings a nice touch of humor. Its nice to see KB just like the mentor he was i real life. The BGM by Ghibran is good but songs doesn’t stick to you much.

For a man like Kamal, we wish to see a wonderful screenplay and that is what lacked here.


O Kadhal Kanmani..

Mani spl

O Kadhal Kanmani.. maybe I expected too much out of you..! My bad.. I read too much about the movie before I could watch it..so I ain’t giving any more spoilers and I am not discussing the story as well… One thing I would definitely say, ‘I am happy that the Mani Ratnam whom we knew in the late nineties is still there’.. After the likes of ‘Kadal’ and ‘Raavanan’, some really started to wonder whether we lost the man who had such charm in creating beauty out of nothing. Trust me OK Kanmani is a reprieve but it will not be the top of my list in Mani Ratnam’s must watch.

Maybe I still dig ‘Bombay’ for it’s wonderful portrayal of emotions.. ‘Alaipayuthey’ for it’s simple story and ‘Aaytha Ezhuthu’ for the connect you feel with the characters.. All in all, truth be told, I am still someone who liked the innocent romance of ‘Alaipayuthey’  than the knowing kind of ‘O Kadhal Kanmani’..

The movie is breezy and I definitely have no qualms about it. I just wonder how Mani Ratnam always has the right people for the right characters. Imagine doing it for decades.. Awesome is all I have to say.. He just makes you feel at home by not going overboard with the choice of cast. This movie might remind one of ‘Alaipayuthey’, ‘Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal’ but I don’t see anything wrong in this as the essence of the movie is what matters.

PC Sriram.. what can I say about the man who is just down right wonderful with his camera… You will just love the frames and you will totally be able to understand why PC is best at what he does… He makes the screen come alive.. It is so easy for you to transport yourself to the world he creates.. Pure bliss..

The magic of ARR along with PC’s camera under Mani’s guidance is something one should not miss at any cost. The actors have not overdone their roles and its a definite plus. The one-liners that is in sync with the current trend will bring a smile on your face.

Nannbenda – My Take


The movie is about Udhayanidhi falling for Nayantara.. Want to know more…? Even I wish the same.. I just wonder why director Jagadish did not have a storyline..If we wanted to watch just some comedy.. we can very well watch ‘Just for Gags’. One thought that lingered after watching the movie is – Why this baseless attempt?

I am pretty sure that people have come to accept various genre in Kollywood and definitely they would appreciate a decent story. Just because Jagadish was associated with Rajesh, he might have tried to emulate the style but what is the point of having a style without a story. The movie has no need for villains and yet they have force-fitted few.

Udhayanidhi who comes to meet his friend Santhanam falls for Nayantara. He tries to impress her by doing silly stuff. Meanwhile even Santhanam is in love with Sherin. Nayantara tries to tell the truth about her past and Udhay makes fun of it. So Nayantara becomes upset and moves away from him. Whether they unite or not is the rest of the story.

Udhay has improved his dancing skills and it is in display even in a fight scene. Udhay does salsa moves instead of stunts.. Amazing I say.. Nayantara looks pretty pleasing to the eye and has not much scope. It is high time that Santhanam handles his humor well.. Too much of puns are not required..

Music is more of an annoyance and none of the songs are that great.. If you want to enjoy the comedy, I am not sure whether you will sustain the song sequences along with it..

I wish Udhay believed more in a story than the presence of a pretty damsel alone… You might enjoy the comedy if you are with your friends (perhaps booze might help as well 😛 )