Uttama Villain definitely shows Kamal’s acting prowess but the story could have created a much better impact if Crazy Mohan was actively involved. Uttama Villain is about an actor’s life that portrays the good and bad in him. The movie is supposed to be light unlike some of Kamal’s movies in recent times and I personally feel he could have done wonders if the story was much more gripping with witty one-liners.

Manoranjan is a superstar who has his own misgivings and is nearing his end because of a malignant brain tumor. The actor wishes to do his last film with his Guru and ironically the movie is about the immortal Uttaman. Therefore, a movie happens in a movie. The Uttaman story is based on the folklore and doesn’t have the punch to it.

Kamal is the best in business and needs no one to vouch for it. His love for the art is proved with his precise moves, his rendition and the lyrics. Nasser, Urvashi, Andrea have done justice to their roles while Pooja Kumar could have avoided screeching. In some sequences Nasser and Kamal brings a nice touch of humor. Its nice to see KB just like the mentor he was i real life. The BGM by Ghibran is good but songs doesn’t stick to you much.

For a man like Kamal, we wish to see a wonderful screenplay and that is what lacked here.