fast-and-furious-7Furious 7 has all the elements to give you the adrenaline rush. What else can you expect with the likes of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham? Tony Jaa makes his Hollywood debut as well. The movie also marks the last of Paul Walker and the team pays a nice tribute to him.

The movie is about Owen Shaw trying to take revenge on the team for crippling his brother. While trying to defend themselves, the team also tries to rescue a hacker and her creation ‘God’s Eye’ from a terrorist. How the team manages to do it in their own street smart style is the movie.

The movie is done in such a way that you will feel entertained all along. The glitz of Dubai and the thrilling chase sequences are a must watch. You will definitely be moved at the end when the team says goodbye to Paul.