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The new lease of life..

I am not a blue blood or pure bred
Yet I can be really well-mannered
I would love to be hugged and pampered
In return you will always be adored..

I may not look hairy or chubby
But I can always make you happy
At times, I can be really naughty
Yet I would always be trusty…

I will charm you with my antics
Along with my endless licks
I will be willing to play sticks
You can also teach me tricks..

So why do you want to prolong
You know its with you, I belong
I have been here for too long
Will you please take me along???



Life has lots to cope

Yet never lose your hope

Things change in a moment

So don’t try to lament..

Illusions might play in your mind

Making you feel like one of a kind

Yet believe in what you want

For that should be your magical chant..

Learn from your mistakes

And be aware of your stakes

Things will definitely take a turn

And there will be no reasons to mourn..!!!

Days of Innocence…

Our childhood days were filled with fun

We always loved to roam and run

We cherished the picnics and visits

And always ensured to have wishlists…

Our intense curiousness knew no bound

Just like our love for the school playground

Everything seemed to capture our interest

And a lost animal would make us feel bereft…

We were always upto some mischief or other

And ended up blaming on one another

We always had something to laugh about

And gave mom all the more reasons to shout…

Little things always mattered much

But never did we hold emotions in clutch

Many things seemed to scare us easily

And so we loved to sleep with our grizzly…

Neither our looks nor our clothes caused a woe

We never had someone to name as our foe

We always ended up in some sort of silly row

Yet we were sure it will be alright tomorrow…!!!

The wait..

As I grow old and weak

Time is playing hide and seek

When am I gonna see my girl

With whom I will sway and swirl…

The dusk is fast approaching

I have to spend the darkness in waiting

Without her, my summers are long

All I hear is my lonely song…

My eyes are growing tired

In search of my desired

I know she is out there for me

I wish I could hold her with glee…

There I see a darkened cloud

The thunders too are roaring loud

May they meet my lovely dove

And convey my feeling of love…

The snowy flakes have come

The sight is quite awesome

Yet it doesn’t seem to be appealing

Because without her it’s not the real feeling…

The seasons are flying past me

So fast for me to clearly see

It just allows me to cope

With the grit and endless hope…

The aging silver that lines my hair

The tiny creases in my face so fair

Reminds the destiny for me

To wait for my lady to be..!!!


When we first met, we knew not each other

Yet the strangeness did not make us bother

We felt that somewhat we shared similar liking

From the love for chocolates to that of biking…

We knew the ways of our changing trends

We had our inhibitions in becoming friends

Little did we know, that our bond is strong

And the friendship was meant to last long…

There have been days when we fought badly

And there were days when we laughed gladly

Those days of kinship turned into lovely years

During which we learned to face our fears…

I wish that we always stay this way forever

And be a support to each other in any endeavor

I might not have told how much it means to me

But understand every moment with you brings glee!!!

The Ugly Truth!!!


In life, lots of people may come and go

Some maybe friends & some maybe foe

Only the chosen ones imprints we hold

Even when the relationship has gone cold…

All those happy days might have gone

And we know life is all about moving on

Yet our heart fails to understand it

And yearns for the little magic bit…

The more you deny, the more you seek

The desire strengthens even the meek

Giving the courage to pursue the dream

So that you can end up with a winning gleam…

Sometimes luck might not favour you

Victory might not really be on cue

It might surely cause you a heartburn

But alas it is an experience to learn…!