What can I say.. the most anticipated movie for the casting and the money that went into it seems to have a bit of everything.. I am amazed by how Mahizhmathi has a bit of every landscape.. Some scenes are just overboard and makes you wonder where the logic is (Maybe we should look out of the window). Cinematography and the much anticipated battle gives you the high..

For me just the battle scene would do.. I would happily skip the first half.. If someone can give me a good reason for Prabhas doing the lead role.. I am all ears.. Do enlighten me.. As for Tamannah.. seriously why would someone carry such a stony expression all the time? If she did that to convince us as a warrior then why on Earth did she forget that rebels would not have time for manicure?

The strip-tease that happens is another joke altogether. Even if I grudgingly accept the concept, I seriously veto the up close shots of two stony faces. Doesn’t theatrics require expressions any more?

Ramya Krishnan steals the thunder amongst the artists. She exudes so much of confidence in the role. Sathyaraj and Nasser have done their roles in the best way possible. Anushka doesn’t have much to do and all that we can hope is to see her more in the sequel.

Rana and Prabhas have done immense justice to the fight scenes and come across as fighters convincingly. The battle sequence will just keep you hooked. The wonderful sets, witty plots and immense landscape will definitely make you feel great about this Indian movie.

Kudos to SS Rajamouli for thinking such a wonderful battle strategy (All earlier flaws can be overlooked for the 30 minutes). The director has indeed thought out the entire plot well and has executed it in an impeccable manner. The last shot ends with a suspense and leaves you hanging for more. Smart move, director!

Senthil Kumar’s cinematography is brilliant and just makes you fall in love with his work. Keeravani’s BGM is supportive but the Tamil songs definitely did not make an impact.

I just hope SS Rajamouli spins the sequel well enough with some interesting plot involving the main cast.