kanchana_jpg_2377532fKanchana 2 could have been much better if not for so many ghosts.. Raghava Lawrence has tried the same goodness over evil formula but somehow it does not adhere much to the audience liking like Kanchana.

Raghava works for a TV channel along with Taapsee and they try to shoot a story based on ghosts. Raghava who is basically afraid of spirits accept the project for the sake of his love for Taapsee. They encounter a mishap during the shoot and Taapsee starts having visions. Later, Raghava and Taapsee are possessed by 7 spirits who wants to take revenge on their killers. As usual Raghava channels the spirits and kills the wrong-doers.

Sriman and Kovai Sarala cause a laugh riot with their body language and dialogues. Raghava Lawrence tries to portray his acting by doing too many roles. His dancing is impeccable as always and Tamannah has definitely kept up to it. The movie could have been much better if the story was brief.

Songs are not that catchy like in Kanchana. Graphics are much better in the current movie when compared to the previous versions. Second half could have been edited some more.