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Beach collectors on prowl!!

Beaches have given different people different memories..for some its the best place to have fun.. for some it may have been a thought provoker/decider.. At the end of the day, its the silent companion for many through the years.. Its been a background for million games, walks, friendly conversations, proposals and break-ups… All of us go “awww” when we see pristine beach pictures but the irony is our own beaches make us go “ughh” at times.. We would feel so disgusted at why people enjoy dirtying the beach..and why no one seems to bother about the garbage strewn around.. And thousands of such like-minded souls along with CTC made a conscious effort to take up the onus of cleaning the coast from Marina to Injambakkam on Feb the 5th..
With the volunteers split in groups.. it was time for the reclaim our beloved beaches… Its our beach, if not us then who?? seemed to be the mantra for many.. The groups assembled in their respective zones to get things done before the scorching heat appeared with a smiling face!! I was actually amazed at the number of kids who were in the beach up so early (Trust me.. Many of us would have rather loved to sleep late on Sunday mornings!!).. Even some older citizens were willing to do their bit for the society.. All of us got armed with gloves and disposal bags..all set to attack the garbage with a vengeance!!
Nearly two hours of picking all random items…made me realize how plastics have literally invaded our space.. Bottles, wrappers, coirs, torn nets, buckles, slippers, hooks, paste tubes, brushes, spoons and much more.. If you are just inquisitive, you will even start wondering how certain things end up in the beach… We were certainly amazed at the amount of litter we collected.. Though it made me feel great for being socially responsible, it also makes me wonder will this have an effect on those who litter…
Some people who came for their regular morning walks did give a surprised look.. whereas some had this passive look as if the cleaning is not happening at all and every litter has the right to be there.. One thing that gave hope was that few kids who came for their session of games took some interest and cleared the litter in the play area.. I know a day of cleaning will not set everything right.. but its just a beginning.. Its always good to try than to contemplate about it… Its just that if those who were there at the moment of the cleaning ensured not to litter the place in future..its quite a success on its own!! I am happy that I did something to the wellness of our society and I just wish this paves way for much better things!!

Arghh.. To argue or not to..

A lot of questions can plague our minds after a bad argument.. Why didn’t we give the answer they expected? Why did we blurt the truth? Why were we being callous by dishing out the real thought? Why didn’t we take the easy out? Why didn’t we choose silence as our weapon of choice? Or rather why did we have to be contradictory?.. The list of questions might go on and on.. just making us squirm out of discomfort for causing a heart burn with a nasty argument.. Yet the irony is, it doesn’t stop us from facing the same situation in future again..

Sometimes its always easy to do something.. There need not be any qualms or arguments.. But at times,  whether be it with your close ones or pals, it becomes so difficult on you to portray something that you are not.. its more like the basic instinct fighting within you to be what you are..  Being all sweet & nice at all times.. may get you a good name & resolve any dispute for then, but at the end it gets you all riled up later!! .. Its like a coin.. everything has two sides to it.. The yin & yang for example… Its just that we need a balance in the equation..

Once the argument is done with, our mind plays the scene again & again with just the conclusions being different.. Though we know its not going to mend anything that was spoken earlier, we still go through such a motion.. It would be much better if the person on the other end understood that we did not mean to hurt them but we did not know the right way to put our thoughts across!! Its just that even we end up feeling bad in causing agony to the one in argument with.. Alas.. life ain’t that easy right??!!

My tryst with Bay of Bengal!!

What can I say… when I am offered a chance to bob in the Bay of Bengal with like-minded souls on Jan 7th.. It was a definite YES!!! I wanted to do this sea-diving for quite a long time but never found the right company or time and now thanks to CTC.. I have done it and enjoyed it immensely..!! Moreover.. I would love to do it again!!! Unlike the treks there was nothing to fret about because you did not require check-list to play in water!! The whole group (some freshers and some seasoned CTCians) headed towards Kovalam in the evening.. a perfect time to happily laze considering the water’s warm temperature!!!

Everybody was super excited to get to the water.. It was just a few minutes before we all got into 5 different boats with our life jackets on  and started heading towards the sea… It was like being on a lull mode.. as we are always used to steady ground below our feet.. To be on the safer side.. most of us did not attempt to stand in the boat but as in most of the cases some were trying out the famed “titanic” pose 😉

Once we were few kilometers away from the shore.. we were asked to jump into the water.. and most of us were just more willing to do so..!! And then you see so many heads bobbing around you happily.. All you want to do is join them.. It was quite a sight with so many orange vests that anybody viewing us from shore would have started wondering what it was all about!! But as the happy souls we are, we were in our own joyous world totally in sync with the sea..

We did not have to exert much as the current was just willing to help us float easily… Some were using this chance to pull pranks on their buddies while some were just too happy to pose for the shutterbugs..!! Overall it was good fun to have a salty soak for nearly 45 minute or so.. And thanks to the vigilant fishermen who ensured that all of us were safe at the end of our playtime!!