Questions… Questions.. Questions..  I am not referring to the ones asked in exams cos those are something that we can’t evade in our education system.. The questions that tick me off are the ones asked by people who we come across in our day-to-day life.. The questions asked by some can make you think so much that you might either end up being enlightened or go berserk..  You are lucky if it causes the first reaction and does no real harm but in case its the latter, you even get the feeling why you ended up at the answering side and why can’t it be the other way round?? but you wouldn’t have a choice to reverse the situation.. So you deal with it as best as you can..

I am not sure whether it is only our countrymen who have this habit of throwing up questions in the name of concern. Maybe some of them might genuinely feel worried about you but for most of the part it is not so.. and it is then when I feel like giving them a piece of my mind.. but basic etiquette doesn’t allow me to do so and hence I go through it with as much decorum as possible.. sometimes with a polite smile, sometimes with a brave face, sometimes with a squirm, sometimes with nonchalance… but mostly with one question in my mind which is “What is your problem??” (I am sure, even you would have felt this way at some point)

Here are a few samples.. with an inserted piece of my mind voice as well.. After all, I have the liberty to be my own self now…

“Why didn’t you score centum?” (Cos I wanted to check whether the teachers really read the paper or not)

“You should have prepared for the IIT-JEE from high school, why didn’t you do so?” (I was just preoccupied with simpler things like any normal kid of my age)

“You did not take IT???!!! You are doomed” (Oh yeah.. I didn’t know that you were psychic)

“Why aren’t you taking up the job offered by the IT bigwigs?” (So that your kid can earn his grub by taking it)

“What are you going to do learning Science?” (When I decipher it, I will make sure that I send across the answer to you)

“What are you doing in a lab with infectious samples? It is not good.” ( I am trying to develop some mutants especially for you so beware.. )

“Why should you study more?” (So that I don’t end up like you in few years.. )

“You are planning to go abroad huh?? I don’t think it is safe” (I think otherwise and anyway I never asked for your opinion)

“When are you getting married?” (In what way does it matter to you?? )

And this is not it.. It just goes on and on.. Sometimes I feel why I should answer people who doesn’t even seem to be my concern but I still end up with an apologetic nod atleast..  Its just something all of us master in due course time.. So next time if you see me giving you that apologetic look for your question.. you know what it is.. 😛