As I grow old and weak

Time is playing hide and seek

When am I gonna see my girl

With whom I will sway and swirl…

The dusk is fast approaching

I have to spend the darkness in waiting

Without her, my summers are long

All I hear is my lonely song…

My eyes are growing tired

In search of my desired

I know she is out there for me

I wish I could hold her with glee…

There I see a darkened cloud

The thunders too are roaring loud

May they meet my lovely dove

And convey my feeling of love…

The snowy flakes have come

The sight is quite awesome

Yet it doesn’t seem to be appealing

Because without her it’s not the real feeling…

The seasons are flying past me

So fast for me to clearly see

It just allows me to cope

With the grit and endless hope…

The aging silver that lines my hair

The tiny creases in my face so fair

Reminds the destiny for me

To wait for my lady to be..!!!